Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon whiskey

Coal Creek Bourbon Whiskey is our labor of love. The first sip enlivens like a crisp touch of Rocky Mountain winter air, followed by caramel notes and a sweet, lingering after taste. Our Bourbon whiskey is bold, but goes down easy, smooth as the stones at the bottom of Coal Creek. Our process begins with the finest corn, rye and American barley. The whiskey is then aged to its final, full-bodied perfection in charred oak barrels. Whether you’re sipping our Bourbon Whiskey neat, or stirring it into an Old Fashioned, we recommend you enjoy it alongside a pasture-raised steak from one of our local ranchers.

tasting notes:

big vanilla, oak, and caramel

pairs well with:

grilled steaks, smoked salmon,
cheese, dark chocolate, apple

award winning